Holly Willoughby’s Fans Aren’t Impressed With This Friendship

The This Morning presenter shared an Instagram selfie with Piers Morgan yesterday - and it did NOT go down well...

Holly Willoughby has come under fire for her latest Instagram post. Why? Because it features a certain Mr Piers Morgan.

The 36-year-old shared a selfie with Piers, 52, yesterday, telling fans: ‘Lovely afternoon with @thepiersmorgan … Thank you for a wonderful lunch xxx.’

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Lovely afternoon with @thepiersmorgan … Thank you for a wonderful lunch xxx

A post shared by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

Holly was almost immediately inundated with comments from fans – and not everyone was particularly impressed with her choice of company.

Messages included: ‘Ugh. You’re better than that @hollywilloughby! A disgusting excuse for a human being that is @thepiersmorgan – my estimation of you has gone down I’m afraid,’ and: ‘Holly, get away from that cretin before he tries to poison you! [sic].’

TBH, we do kinda get these opinions. Just last week, Piers said in a debate about mental health: ‘Sometimes a bit of tough love, and an “I you know you can do this,” is not a bad thing.’ And in January, he labelled the Women’s March ‘pointless’ and a ‘mass hissy fit’.

Piers Morgan often comes under fire for his comments on Good Morning Britain

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But he didn’t seem too fazed by the criticism, writing on Holly’s photo: ‘Delightful fun, Ms Willoughby. Though not quite as much fun as reading the thrilled reaction from your fans… 😂😂😂.’

Holly replied: ‘@thepiersmorgan I know!!!! 😳.’

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Some have stuck up for the pair, with one comment reading: ‘Not a fan of the man but who I’m I to say who you should or shouldn’t be seen with, we all have people in our lives that others don’t like or agree with, it’s called freedom of choice and doesn’t mean you agree with all their views and I’m sure you put him down on some of the stuff he thinks ❤️ [sic].’

Another pondered: ‘Life stories ???? [sic].’

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