Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield On Will Young’s Shock Strictly Exit

Sounds like Phillip is a little sceptical on Will Young's explanation for unexpectedly quitting Strictly Come Dancing...

Will Young’s dramatic exit from Strictly Come Dancing came as a shock to pretty much everyone. And it’s still not totally clear why he decided to leave.

His official statement was that he was leaving for ‘personal reasons’, and in a text message to Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 show, the Pop Idol winner said he was ‘absolutely dandy’, adding that ‘it’s all very undramatic really.’

However, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield decided to weigh in on the topic on yesterday’s This Morning, and they didn’t sound convinced by Will’s excuse…

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Will Young

‘You don’t walk off a show other than if it was dramatic’, Phillip slammed, sceptically. ‘You don’t just walk out.’

Holly, meanwhile, was already setting her sights on who might be replacing Will, and admitted that she’s rooting for axed contestant Tameka Empson.

‘I wonder if they will replace him, will they bring Tameka back? I think they should’, Holly said.


Tameka was eliminated from Sunday’s show…

New reports have emerged attempting to explain the real reason why Will might have quit the popular BBC dance competition – and nope, it’s not because of that rumoured argument with judge Len Goodman.

According to an insider, Will felt ‘isolated’ from the other celebrities, and didn’t feel he had a chance of winning.

Aw. We really hope that’s not true.

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This was my sitdown protest in Curries earlier. If you aren't getting served – sit down people. It works!!!

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‘Will confessed last week that he realised he would never win Strictly and it really got to him’, a source told the Daily Star.

‘Whenever he takes on a challenge he wants to win. But this time he was out of his depth. He saw that Danny Mac was the one to beat and despite all his efforts, he knew this was just not going to happen.

Hmm. Whatever his reason, we hope he doesn’t come to regret it! WE’LL MISS YOU, WILL!