Twitter Was Laughing At Holly Willoughby On This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have become known for falling into fits of giggles whilst presenting This Morning. But today, they totally outdid themselves.

And we LOVE them for it. 

Yup. Whilst live on air, the presenting duo fell into uncontrollable laughing fits whilst hosting a segment on texting the wrong person. 

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In fairness, it is a pretty LOL-inducing topic. And it’s also something we can probably ALL relate to, right? We mean, who hasn’t accidentally sent a text to the boss that was actually meant for their boyfriend? Come on, ‘fess up!

Holly had to go and sit down, and Phil simply announced: ‘this is our worst one yet.’

Trying to compose herself, Holls told her co-host to ‘stop’, warning that she was ‘going to cry my eyelashes off.’

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Apparently, the outburst seemed to be down to a crew member’s personal experience, but they couldn’t reveal what had actually happened because it was ‘too rude.’


Social media had quite a bit to say on the subject, with tweets including: ‘love it when you two get the giggles!’ and ‘I can’t help but laugh along with Phil and Holly @itvthismorning #cantstoplaughing’. 

Oh, you guys!