Fans Think Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Are Dating

Holly Willoughby and her co-host Phillip Schofield are one of our favourite presenting duos of all time. In fact, they get on so well that some people can’t help but jump to the wrong conclusion…

Yep, despite both being happily married (not to each other), it seems that many This Morning fans still think these two are an item. Doh!

Holly has been married to TV producer Dan Baldwin for nearly ten years, and they share daughter Belle and sons Harry and Chester. Phillip, meanwhile, has been married to wife Stephanie for over 20 years, and they have two daughters together – Molly, and Ruby.

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holly willoughby and philip schofield Holly and Phillip are famously close, but both are married


However, recalling that when her and Phillip both recently enjoyed a holiday to Portugal with their respective partners and children (and just happened to stay two streets away from each other), Holly said that fellow holidaymakers got the wrong end of the stick.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on his Radio One Breakfast Show, Holly said: ‘I do think that when we would bump into people, we went to Portugal, and when people would see us in a bar, they’d all be looking at us as if to go, “Oh my God are you like actually together in real life?”‘

holly willoughby and philip schofield Holly admits that many fans accidentally think her and Philip are an item…


‘I’d be like, “No It’s just a coincidence that we’re away!”‘. LOL.

So, how did they end up on a cosy joint holiday together, anyway?! Well, Holly explains.

‘[Phillip] has been holidaying in Portugal for years and I’ve been going the last few years so we tend to accidentally bump in to each other… not that accidentally’, she laughed.

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holly willoughby and philip schofield Holly and Phillip recently enjoyed a holiday to Portugal together (with their families)


Holly and Phillip even joked on the show that they ‘couldn’t keep away from each other’ on their return home, with Holly also revealing that Phil and her husband Dan are closer than we’d thought…

‘You ended up having massive waterfight with my son’, Holly told Phillip about their trip. ‘Yes, you had to lend me some of Dan’s clothes’, Phil retorted.

Aw. This is one friendship that sounds just as fun off-screen as it is on-screen. YOU GUYS!

holly willoughby daughter belle Holly celebrating daughter Belle’s 5th birthday…