Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Were Forced To Apologise To Disgruntled Viewers

Bit of an awkward one this

Words by Anna Francis

From the Editors of CelebsNow

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were forced to apologise to viewers live on Wednesday’s edition of This Morning after many were left fuming over a HUGE problem.

The programme was hit by sound issues which made it difficult for those watching in certain areas of the country to hear what was being said, causing many to vent about it on social media.

Phillip, 55, explained: ‘I’ve got to say, if you’re watching in the North East, the North West, and the South West, apparently we’ve just been told that there are some sound issues on our transmission today.

‘Not everywhere, and it is intermittent, so we’re working on it.’

Holly, 36, then pointed out: ‘Which means the people we’ve apologised to can’t hear us.’

Ah yes, bit of a snag that!

Phillip jokingly mouthed to the screen in response, making Holly giggle before she added: ‘Sorry!’

‘We’re not obviously working on it, we’re sitting here, but someone’s working on it!’ Phil reassured viewers.

It comes after many of those watching the programme in the affected areas spoke of their anger about it on Twitter.

‘PLEASE SORT THE SOUND OUT! It’s driving us mad #ThisMorning,’ one viewer wrote, whilst another posted: ‘#ThisMorning This sound problem is really spoiling todays programme’

And one added: ‘oh my #ThisMorning the sound issues are really annoying!’

A fellow watcher tweeted: ‘Get the problems sorted please guys serious sound issues #thismorning’

The problems came during an exciting morning for Holly and Phil as they prepared for a royal visit to the studio. With Holly’s 3.2 million fans complimenting the star for her choice of attire during the show

Princes Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were given a tour of the set on Wednesday to mark This Morning’s 30th anniversary and the couple even sat down for a chat with the presenters.

The segment didn’t go out live though and instead aired on today’s show.