Have Holly Willoughby And Philip Schofield Fallen Out?

For many, Monday mornings are made that bit better every week thanks to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield having a LOL on This Morning.

But on today’s show, there was a markedly different atmosphere in the This Morning studio. Because guys, are you two okay?!

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We’re used to seeing the lovable duo collapsing into fits of giggles and winding each other up on the daily, but things were a little more sombre in the studio earlier today – in fact, the pair barely made eye contact at the start of the show.

To be fair, the topics covered on today’s show ranged from that horrific theme park accident in Scotland to how we’re going to cope financially post-Brexit, so it was kind of understandable that it wasn’t a laugh-a-minute.


Still, fans quickly began to worry that something was up between the presenter pals, with one tweeting: ‘Have Holly and Phil fallen out? They seem so fed up’.

Another wrote: ‘I just tweeted something similar! They’re so miserable’, whilst a third made a very inappropriate joke to try and explain the fallout.

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‘They are barely talking to each other… Have they slept together and this is the awkward morning after???’ they tweeted. Behave.

Thankfully, once the show got going, Holly and Phil seemed back to their chipper selves, and were seen sharing a giggle over a cooking segment involving bananas (*snigger*).


The world simply wouldn’t be okay if these two weren’t TV BFFS.