Why Holly Willoughby’s This Morning Newborn Baby Segment Proved Controversial

Holly landed herself in hot water with some This Morning viewers, who didn't think she ought to have been holding a mother's newborn child on TV...

Holly Willoughby has caused a whole lot of drama thanks to her visit to the maternity ward at St. Thomas’ hospital in London earlier today.

The This Morning host presented a segment from the baby ward live on air, and did nothing to dampen rumours that she may be expecting again by gushing over the newborn babies in a big way.

‘I’m so happy, I can’t tell you’, she said to co-host Philip Schofield who was watching from back in the studio. ‘I might change jobs.’

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Holly was then seen scooping up baby Mei, who had only just been born an hour before, from her father as she cooed over the tiny tot.

But watching a broody Holly take the hour-old baby from her father’s arms live on TV as the mother recovered from a caesarian operation in a nearby bed angered some This Morning viewers, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

‘Omg Holly’s snuggling with the baby before the mum!! I’d be well miffed! ‘, one viewer tweeted.

‘I’d be pissed off if I was the mum and found out Holly had held my baby before me ‘, said another.

However, another viewer came to Holly’s defence, and stated that the mum probably would have agreed to Holly holding her baby on TV before the scene went live.

‘They would have obviously agreed to have the baby on TV before that moment. The mum would have known. 👋🏻’, they wrote. And we have to agree.

Holly later showed her support for fellow mums everywhere by encouraging pregnant women to share their bump snaps on social media:

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Too cute!

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