Holly Willoughby Lets Us In On Her Marriage Secret

Holly Willoughby has been dishing out her top tips for a healthy marriage. And guess what? She admits that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

The This Morning presenter has been happily married to TV producer Dan Baldwin for eight years, and the couple are parents to three children – Harry, Belle and Chester.

But in a new interview with Fabulous, the blonde beauty confesses that just like most strong couples, she and her hubby have to work at it.

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Holly and husband Dan Baldwin Holly and husband Dan Baldwin


‘Marriage is something we have to work at’, Holly said. ‘You’re an idiot if you think you just get married and then you tick along happily ever after for the rest of your life.’

And the mum-of-three names tiredness as one of the biggest passion-killers. Yep, we totally get that.

‘At the same time it shouldn’t be too difficult, but I do believe tiredness has a lot to answer for’, she added. ‘Everyone underestimates the effect it has on you as a couple. Whenever I see people breaking up shortly after they’ve had a baby, sometimes I wonder if they’d just given it a little bit longer.’

holly willoughby this morning no makeup Holly says tiredness can be one of the biggest relationship killers


Willoughby continued: ‘Not that I profess to know everything about other people’s relationships, but I think that people may make decisions at that stage and then wish that they’d just held out or worked through it.’

Luckily, Holly says that the spark between her and Dan is very much still alive. ‘With everything else that’s going on, we still fancy the pants off each other! That really helps’, she confessed. We bet it does!

Funnily enough, when Holly first met her beau, she admitted that she didn’t fancy him whatsoever, and just saw him as a friend.

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holly willoughby this morning Holly admits that marriage takes hard work and commitment


‘At first, I didn’t fancy Dan at all – I didn’t even think about it’, she previously told Woman & Home. ‘I don’t think he could have fancied me either because it was such a genuine friendship.’

However, once they crossed into romance territory, the pair weren’t slowing down for anyone.

‘I knew he was ‘The One’ pretty quickly’, she confessed. ‘But we kept it a secret for eight months because I didn’t want to give anyone a reason to be annoyed with us.’

Aw. This is one romance we totally believe in.