Holly Willoughby’s Khaki Outfit Appears To Have Divided Fans

Enough with the fashion-shaming, guys...

Holly Willoughby’s outfits have become a daily treat for a lot of people. With a whopping 3.5 million followers hanging on her every #OOTD post, the This Morning presenter is definitely something of a style icon over on the ‘gram.

The 37-year-old knows how to rock a trouser suit and seems to have an endless combination of skirts and blouses, each and every one getting a barrage of positive comments from fans.

But Wednesday’s outfit, which she shared a snap of before heading on set to present This Morning, seems to have divided a lot of people. And the comments are, well, pretty mean.

The skirt and blouse pairing, both in khaki green, has been compared to ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘a piece of seaweed.’

‘It’s a no from me. Holly could wear a bin bag and look great but that is awful,’ one fan wrote.

‘I like the skirt, think it could look great if paired with a more simple top,’ another advised.

Others jumped to defend her, with reactions including: ‘noooo its a yes from me literally everything she wears is a yes from me [sic]’ and ‘Hoĺly you look fantastic.’

It should go without saying that style is all down to personal taste, so there’s really no need to criticise Holly’s outfit. And as our mums always used to remind us; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

We think she looks fabulous, as always.

Keep it up, lady.