Holly Willoughby On How She Deals With Marital Rows

'Sometimes... I just need that bit of space'

Holly Willoughby has revealed how she deals with rows with husband Dan Baldwin.

The 36-year-old presenter opened up on This Morning, during a segment about whether or not you should ever go to sleep on an argument.

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Holly and husband Dan Baldwin

Holly Willoughby married hubby Dan Baldwin in 2007

She admitted that she often does head off to bed before talking things through, explaining: ‘Sometimes I just need to have more of a level head, so I just go off and calm down a bit. I just need that bit of space.

‘I wake up the following morning and things don’t seem as bad. Sometimes you’ve just rationalised things a bit better in your head, and you’re not so emotional and quick to snipe and shout.’

Fair point, Hol’. And while we don’t like the thought of Holly and Dan fighting, it is nice to know that celebrities are just like us.

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Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby opened up on This Morning

Holly married TV producer Dan in 2007. They have three children together, sons Harry, eight, and Chester, two, and six-year-old daughter Belle.

Despite this week’s admission, she’s generally very private about her family life.

Back in March, she explained why she never shows her kids’ faces on social media – and it’s all down to online bullying.

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She told the Evening Standard: ‘When we were kids we’d go home and at least we’d have hours where nobody could get to you and you could just regather your thoughts. Now it’s just not like that and we’ve seen how serious it gets: children taking their own lives.

‘It is a huge problem and I listen with absolute open ears on the show at the moment because I’m not quite there yet but I know I will come across these things and I want be equipped myself to deal with it.’

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