Why Fans Aren’t Impressed With Holly Willoughby’s Instagram Video

Many X Factor fans breathed a huge sigh of relief when Honey G was booted out of the ITV show.

Now, we don’t want to be mean, but she is the most controversial act we’ve seen in a long while. Leaving many viewers under the impression that she might be an ‘actor’, and with others even claiming that her act is ‘racist’, Honey G has certainly rubbed a few people up the wrong way during this series.

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Being the latest to leave the X Factor, Honey took a spot on the This Morning sofa to chat with presenter Holly Willoughby.

holly willoughby

And, because it’s 2016, Holls wasted no time in getting the equivalent of a modern day autograph for her three children, who just so happen to be big fans.

Sharing a video on Instagram with the former contestant, Holly got her to do a β€˜rap’ for her children, Harry, Belle and Chester.

In her typical style, the X Factor act said, ‘Yo, yo, yo Harry Belle this is Honey G your girl here.’

Of course, she also threw in her catchphrase: ‘When I say Honey, you say…’, and Holly obliged.

I'm about to get some serious mum points! #honeyg πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

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A number of the presenter’s millions of followers waded into the comments box to have their say on the controversial contestant.

Fan reactions included: ‘Cringe factor eewww’ and ‘Take her off the bloody telly and stop giving her air time.’

Others actually went as far as to unfollow the This Morning star, with one writing, ‘I’m sorry Holly but you have just lowered yourself by having her on but she even forgot your kids name unfollowing from here and fb’.

Oh dear.

But many of her 1.6 million followers jumped to her defence, with comments reading: ‘Don’t understand why everyone is giving Holly such a hard time over this video’ and ‘This is hilarious grown men and women unfollowing holly for having a bit of craic and a wee sing song for her kids…’


We think all of the hate is a little unfair.

We’re sure your kids appreciated it, Holly.