Holly Willoughby Speaks Out About Her Biggest Fear

Today This Morning did a segment which aimed to help people conquer their phobias.

Holly Willoughby revealed that she actually harbours a fear of flying, and that it had actually come about as a result of a presenting job on the same subject. Who says that TV presenting is glamorous, eh?

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Therapists Nick and Eva Speakmans took a guest spot on the show, to talk about the topic. 



Holly admitted that she wasn’t born with the fear, but it had developed whilst working on a different show. She told them: ‘I did a show called Fear of Flying, and my fear of it started there.’

She continued, ‘My mum used to be an air hostess and I used to love flying. But when we got up there and did all these barrel rolls and dives it terrified me!’

Blimey. We think we’d be pretty petrified too, Holls.

Phillip Schofield questioned whether it really was the show, so they whacked out a clip of a younger Holly strapped into the passenger seat of the propeller plane – and sure enough, she really was screaming!



Afterwards, Holly admitted, ‘Honestly, watching that makes me feel upset.

‘When I go on a plane, I feel like we’re going to go towards the ground. That’s where I’m at.’

Oh Holly 🙁

But it seems that the blonde presenter has been working through her fears in the therapy sessions.

She finished, ‘I’m actually flying soon, so that will be the test.’

Phil joked, ‘You have to take a picture of yourself on the plane and send it in to us.’

Oh, Schofe!