Holly Willoughby Breaks Sad News About Her Son

Holly Willoughby left many regular viewers worried after she was absent from today’s This Morning Show.

The 35-year-old beauty failed to turn up for her daily presenting slot on the ITV show alongside Phillip Schofield, with Ruth Langsford stepping in to take her place instead.

But now, Holly has taken to Instagram to explain why she couldn’t make it, and our hearts go totally out to her.

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Revealing that it was a family issue that caused her to miss the show, the mum-of-three explained that her 17-month-old son Chester had had a ‘nasty’ fall and was rushed to hospital on Sunday night.

‘Thank you for all the lovely kind messages’, Holly wrote alongside a photo of her son in a hospital gown. ‘Chester is just fine and was definitely the bravest out of all of us… He received brilliant care from everyone at the #Chelseaandwestminster hospital, makes you realise again how lucky we are to have such a wonderful #nhs.’ 

She added: ‘Also huge thanks to @ruthlangsford for coming to the rescue and @itvthismorning for being so understanding as always!!! Xxx’. Aww.



As a parent, it’s always terrifying for any of your children to be poorly or in danger, so we totally get why Holly put family first. Still, it sounds like young Chester is well and truly on the mend, and receiving plenty of TLC from his gorgeous mum, we expect!

Phillip explained Holly’s absence from the show by saying: ‘Ruth’s standing in today… Before we go any further he is alright. Chester her youngest son, yesterday afternoon fell over and banged his head. 

‘He’s got a very nasty cut on his head. They dressed it overnight and today he needs to go back into hospital to get stitches so that’s where Holly is. He is absolutely fine, he was playing afterwards but it’s a nasty cut.’

Get well soon, Chester!