Holly Willoughby Tweets This Morning Viewers About Her Illness

After two days off work with a sickness bug, the mum-of-three will be back on the sofa today

We’ve got good news about Holly Willoughby… she’ll be back on our screens on This Morning today!

The 36-year-old had been off work for two days, with a spokesperson telling The Sun yesterday: ‘Holly is still unwell. It’s just a sickness bug and today’s show will be hosted by Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene.’

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Phil had actually announced Holly’s illness the day before, explaining to viewers before going on air: ‘Holly’s not very well today so you’ve got about 15 minutes to work out who is going to be beside me at 10.30.’

He also said that Holly had texted him saying she’d, er, thrown up on the cat. Eeep.

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

Holly Willoughby’s co-host Phillip Schofield announced her illness on Monday morning

Of course, fans have been flooding the mum-of-three with sympathy messages.

And she took to Twitter last night to thank them for their well wishes, writing during her evening show Play To The Whistle: ‘Hope your enjoying  #pttw … thank you for all your lovely messages, I’m feeling much better and will be back at @thismorning Tomorrow  💋 [sic].’

But about Play To The Whistle. The ITV1 show got people pretty confused, due to the fact that Hol’ sat in the presenting seat looking fit and well.

One suspicious Tweeter wrote: ‘Obviously not too sick!!’ while another wrote: ‘I think @hollywills is pulling a fast one!!! Couldn’t make it in work this morning but she is on tv now! The cheek [sic].’

What these fans didn’t realise, however, is that PTTW is pre-recorded.

A lesson in thinking before you Tweet, eh? We’re glad you’re feeling a bit better, lady.