Holly Hagan Hits Back At The Pictures That Sparked ‘Photoshop’ Rumours

The Geordie has gone on a Twitter rant after being papped 'sunbathing in a private complex'. And the pictures have lead many to question her use of 'photoshop' on Instagram pictures. Sigh.

Holly Hagan is not happy. And we can totally understand why.

The Geordie Shore star has been on quite the fitness journey over the years, proudly showcasing her hard work on social media.

You rock that body confidence, lady.

Baywatch ?

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But now, the reality star is enjoying a fabulous holiday in America – and looking HAWT while she’s at it.

Photographs have emerged of the MTV star sun-bathing, but it turns out that she had no idea that they were being taken.

What’s more, the snaps have, sadly, lead many to question her body, with some leaving some not-very-nice body-shaming comments. Sigh.

The reality star claims that she was snapped without her knowledge, while she was relaxing in a ‘private complex’.

The pictures have also sparked ‘photoshop’ rumours, with many claiming they see ‘differences’ in her body IRL compared to social media.



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One internet user has reportedly commented: ‘She’s not fat or anything, but she must realise that it’s so obvious when she photoshops here pictures… [sic]’

Another wrote: ‘Although noting is wrong with her figure in those pap shots, they are nothing like her Instagram photos. [sic]’

Now, we’re sure that any woman will agree that your body can appear different in any photograph, depending on the angle, the lighting, and whether you’re standing or sitting.

Holly herself, understandably, doesn’t seem too happy about the attention she’s received as a result of the snaps.


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Taking to Twitter, the 24-year-old hit back: ‘Ruined my whole trip feel like crying the invasion of privacy ANYONES privacy is not ok. Scary thinking I had no idea feel violated…’

She’s previously slammed the idea of using photoshop on her pictures. In one instance, she uploaded a pap shot alongside a mirror selfie, explaining: ‘I get accused of everything when I lose weight, so this time I thought I’d remove one of the most common suggestions from online trolls, that being I have all my images airbrushed…’

It’s time to stop the shaming, ladies and gents.