This Is How Much It Costs To Be A Bridesmaid

It’s not news that being a bridesmaid is super spenny, but a new study by American Express will blow your mind. Apparently, the average bridesmaid spends £1300 in the lead up to the big day. We KNOW. In comparison to the £479 spent by your usual guest, that’s A LOT – and it probably explains the following…

While most women choose their best friends or family members to play bridesmaid on their big day, some brides are actually opting to pay for professional bridesmaid services in the form of expert bridesmaid Jen Glatz.

On her website Bridesmaid For Hire, Jen Glatz explains why she decided to set up her very own professional bridesmaid service, explaining that she saw a need for it. She sells herself as, ‘The gal pal you never knew you needed during the time you need her most.’

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After being chosen to be a bridesmaid for so many of her friends, she decided to offer her services to all those brides in need. Once she had received hundreds of emails from women all over the world, she knew she was onto something good and decided to set up her business.

Cara Delevingne playing bridesmaid for her sister Poppy. Cara Delevingne playing bridesmaid for her sister Poppy.

But why would a woman choose to pick a total stranger to share those precious moments with rather than her own friends? Jen explains that the service appeals not just to women who have very few close friends, but also to women who have six or seven bridesmaids already but want a professional to be there so that everyone else can just enjoy the day with all responsibility (and costs) taken away.

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From dancing with drunk uncles to helping the bride go to the toilet in her gigantic gown, Jen’s day job is certainly like no other. Her role is to handle all of the ‘Dirty work, so the bride and the wedding party can focus on what’s most important – enjoying every second of the wedding experience.”

As well as the ‘Bridesmaid By Your Side’ package which includes on-the-day services and preparation beforehand, you can also buy a ‘Bridesmaid Bootcamp’ package or a ‘Virtual Bridesmaid’ package depending on how hand on an experience you want.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, but would you do it?