The Most Hilarious Signs From Anti-Trump Protests That Give Us Hope For The Future

The result of the US Presidency will go down in history, at least for us, as a categorically bad thing. There’s no scenario where having a misogynistic, xenophobic and hate-stoking demagogue as president will better our world. Even if he turns out to be the best president (he won’t), we’ll still be anti-Trump.

You can’t lead a campaign trail for 18 months spewing lies and fear and expect the liberally minded to just accept the result. The hardcore Trump himself made a point that he wasn’t really going to accept the result if Hilary won.

Across the country, Anti-Trump protests are still alive and growing. While we should recognise the significance of these protests, they’re also perfect for drawing out some quality memes.

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These signs from across the Americas range from the defiant to the referential to plain crude. Either way, they’ll bring a smile to your face.

Even in the face of danger and worsening tides, people can still find the funny side. It’s impossible to laugh and feel sad at the same time!

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This is one of those pictures that will end up in a coffee table book or something. The Capitol Building coupled with the Rainbow Flag and sign, it’s the triple combo of liberty!

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Some people just attended to voice the concerns closest to their heart. And Kim’s absence from social media following the robbery has just compounded America’s heartache.


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Isn’t it frightening that we have a President that bragged about sexual assault? That’s a concept we truly can’t get our heads around and we don’t think we ever will.

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The LGBTQ community has enough on their plate without a human tangerine-skin tacitly condemning them to living in fear for considerable future.

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Right now, Obama is going through what we feel when the useless work experiencer can’t figure out how to turn their computer on… except our work experiencers don’t have access the nuclear codes…

anti-trump march in NYC today. A lot of love and passion filled the air #lovetrumpshate #trumpprotest #popularvote

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Right on!