Give Your Loved One The Gift Of Passive-Aggression With This Hilarious Half A Glass Of Wine

We all have those people in our lives that will order “oh, just half a glass for me” and we hate them. That was an overreaction but still, don’t make the rest of us feel bad because you can’t handle a small glass – just order the full glass and we’ll drink it for you.

Though, seriously, there are many reasons that someone might want just half a glass of wine: intolerances, driving or ‘dieting’. And that’s their choice, we’re not going to tell them how to live their life… but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to make fun of them for it.

Introducing the Happy Half Wine Glass!


Brought to your The Fowndry, this Christmas gift is a confusing and physics defying excuse for a novelty item. Described as a “tongue-in-cheek way to service half a measure with double the fun”.

The product summary elaborates, “‘Just a half a glass, you say?’ Be careful what you wish for. Happy Half Wine Glass is genuinely made from glass (goodness knows how) and holds around 200ml. The perfect gift for the wine snob or pessimist in your life – is it half full? Half empty? How about half flipping missing?”

Imagine the scenario, you’re just gearing up for a BNO (big night out) and that friend you know will try to duck out at 10:30 asks for “just a half”. You reach into the cupboard and deliver this little beauty full to the brim with the strongest wine you have.


Jokes aside, this little invention actually has many uses outside of humiliating and alienating your friends for not sharing your drinking habits.

You can use it to control your drinking when you know you’ve got to behave (the exact same behaviour we were lambasting two paragraphs ago). The standard wine serving can really vary in terms of size, there’s less room to overdo it at family events with the half wine glass.

It’s available from 12th December on Fowndry and for the low price of £8.99. Yes, we did check if that was the half the price of a regular glass… it’s not.