The Highest Earning Musicians Of 2015 Might Surprise You

It’s a great day for Taylor Swift and One Direction.

Billboard has released its list of the highest earning musical celebrities from last year, and both have come out smelling of roses. You know, if roses happen to smell like a lotta dollar.

Coming out on top is Swifty, who blew EVERYONE’s mind with her star-studded 1989 World Tour, making sure she had a special guest on stage with her almost every night.


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We’re still coming to terms with that Let It Go collaboration if we’re honest. Sigh.

Making $73.5 million in total revenue in 2015, we’re ever-so-slightly reevaluating our own lack of country singing roots right now.

One Direction came in at number 5, falling short to rock legends The Rolling Stones and singer-songwriter Billy Joel (Directioners probably don’t even know who they are tbh).



Despite the fact that Zayn Malik made his dramatic and sudden exit from the world-famous boyband, they managed to bring in a total revenue of $24.2 million (gulp). And proving the power – and age – of their loyal following, 1D was the fifth-highest earner in the streaming category.

Also doing it for the Brits, Adele came in at number 9, whilst Ed Sheeran made it onto the list in 17th place.

You can read the full forty over on Billboard, but there was one name missing that has baffled a few of us.


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Yup, Beyoncé​ was nowhere to be seen. And neither was hubby Jay Z.

Having said that, she’s just released Lemonade and kicked off her Formation tour. So perhaps she’ll be heading it up next year…