Guess What The ‘Hey Arnold’ Voice Actor Looks Like Now?!

Oh the days when we used to run back from school to watch cartoons (before Neighbours and Fresh Prince, obvs). Yeah there were tons, but who can forget the lovable fourth-grader in Hey Arnold!

And now the voice behind the titular character has been revealed and he is a total babe! 

Yep, the man behind the voice has grown up – and he is no football head. Yep the relatively unknown [until now] model, actor and composer, Lane Toran [who voiced Young Arnold for the very first season] has been revealed as the voice of the lovable Arnold. The 33-year old may live in LA but we can’t help think with his Jack Guiness-esque looks he would blend in perfectly well in East End London.

> Meet Arnold, sorry, we mean Lane


Lane, has already amassed 105,000 Instagram followers after revealing he was behind the iconic character. So what to expect? Well, get ready for moody glances, beard (we love), tattoo sleeves and strumming on his acoustic guitar. Basically, every hipsters dream. Oh and he drives a ’66 Mustang named Joelene and has the man bun down to a tee. Need we say more?

Even though it’s been nearly two decades since the first episode, the 90s kid show will forever stay in our hearts. And even though, as Toran says, he wasn’t in all of the seasons. After the show’s first season, Phillip Van Dyke took over the role, followed by Spencer Klein who also voiced Arnold in Hey Arnold! The Movie. Soz Phillip, Lane is definitely our fave Arnold in our eyes.

> Not football head anymore…


After becoming something of an online celebrity he said on Instagram: “I know I don’t talk about ‘Hey Arnold’ on here so some of you that have been following me for a while might not know, but I did voice ‘Arnold’ for all of season 1 (until my voice changed). It’s crazy to be a part of something that’s still talked about and watched 20 years later.”

And long after it seems now… 

By Emma Firth