There’s Going To Be A Hey Arnold Movie!

“Move it football head!”

You’re soon going to hear those memorable, pretty much iconic, words once more… As Arnold is back, and he’s about to become a movie star for the second time (watch out Brad Pitt.)

Yep, Craig Bartlett, the show’s original creator, announced the major news on Instagram, letting us all know that he’s been given the greenlight to create a two hour, two part TV movie picking up right where the TV series picked up 14 years ago.


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Now, if you can’t remember the epic cliffhanger Nickleodeon left us with all those years ago (and who could blame you, it really was a very, very long time ago, something we’re trying not to dwell so much on) Arnold had just discovered a clue as to the whereabouts of his parents. In the very last episode Arnold found a map indicating where his parents could be, after they left him with his grandparents to fight a virus in the jungle.

And the new movie is called: Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie. Meaning Arnold (and of course his amazing posse) are heading to the jungle, surely, surely to find his parents alive and well? (it would be a pretty bleak cartoon if he rocked up and they were dead.)

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But, of course, while we do really care about Arnold’s parents, what we really want to know is whether Helga and Arnold will ever, ever, ever get together. Super fans who watched the first Hey, Arnold Movie in 2002 (yes, it happened, we told you Arnold’s a big star!) will remember that Helga professed her love for the football head shaped hunk and the pair decided to pretend it never happened. We’ve all been there, Helga.


Of course, there is a possibility that Helga might get over Arnold and go all Taylor Swift in Out Of The Woods and be all “she lost him… but she found herself and somehow that was everything.”


We’re also well excited to see the return of Gerald who, let’s face it, was the coolest of the gang. Hold on, what if GERALD got together with HELGA?! Yep, we’ve decided we’re shipping Gelga.


The one thing we do know is that the movie will solve “unanswered plotlines” so is a MUST SEE for any Hey, Arnold geek… Or really, just if you want to feel really, really old.