Cheryl Cole’s HUGE £2 Million ‘A Million Lights’ Tour Bill

Cheryl Cole‘s A Million Lights tour is going to set her back a whopping £2million – just to insure her stunts.

The Girls Aloud star will hit the road for her first ever solo arena tour later this week, and she’s so keen to put on an amazing show that she’s pulling out all the stops – no matter the cost. She’s reportedly been quoted the whopping figure for insurance so she can carry out some impressive stunts.

A source told The Sun: “Cheryl wants to put on a real Cirque Du Soleil-style show and blow away her audience. She’s exchanged ideas with choreographers and is keen to push herself to the limit. 

“Trouble is, it comes at a cost. The more dangerous the stunts, the more she will need to pay in insurance. If she gets injured the whole tour is in jeopardy.”

We spy a few swan dives in sight… RM