Cheryl Cole Goes Foundation-Free For L’Oréal Skin Ad

Cheryl Cole has followed the latest celebrity trend of ditching the slap and going make-up free as she bares her natural skin in a new campaign video for L’Oréal Paris. 

As the face of the beauty brand’s Skin Perfection Skincare range, 30-year-old Cheryl went foundation-free in the footage to big up the benefits of a bare-faced glow.

“I thought I would be nervous or apprehensive to not be able to wear foundation on a shoot, but it’s actually been quite liberating to have the freckles out in full force”, Cheryl told Vogue about her slap-free shoot.

“Skin Perfection works to perfect your skin – it tightens pores, gives luminosity and improves skin texture. It has all the skincare benefits you want before you put on your make-up”, the former Girls Aloud star added.

Cheryl, who’s dating dancer Tre Holloway, is seen sporting just a touch of mascara and natural-coloured lip gloss in the clip. And surprise surprise – she still looks better than we do on a night out. No fair!

The gorge Geordie also gave us another reason to wish she was our gal pal by letting slip that she has a bad slap-related snoozing habit… “Sleeping in my make-up is one thing that I really try my hardest not to do”, she spilled to Vogue. “I mean, sometimes it happens, but if I do it I always feel disgusting afterwards.”

Phew. Chezza’s human after all then…

Check out her L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection video below!

By Robyn Munson

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