Warning: This Everyday Tea Could Give You Hepatitis

Who doesn’t love a hot drink? Or three? We need at least one cup of coffee in the morning to start off our day.

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But one girl has discovered, in the most extreme way, that one hot drink in particular can be very bad for your health. 

The Mail has reported on the story of one 16-year-old girl whose green tea habit caused her to be hospitalised with hepatitis. 


The young girl was experiencing dizziness, nausea, stomach and joint pains, and after a series of trips to seek medical attention, it became apparent that she was suffering with severe inflammation of the liver.

After questioning, the teenager admitted to ordering a Chinese green tea online, which she had been drinking in excess, as part of a personal campaign to lose weight. 



The doctors originally believed that she was suffering with a urine infection, but after anitbiotics didn’t soothe her symptoms, and she had slowly started to turn yellow due to jaundice, they quickly realised that it was hepatitis. 

She was immediately warned to stop drinking the green tea and after treatment her liver, thankfully, went down. 

This all seems pretty scary, right?

But, what does this actually mean for green tea drinkers? 

A plant substance, called Camellia sinensis, was at the root of her severe reaction to the tea. According to the medical report, some herbal remedies and teas use Camellia sinensis, and are ‘readily available from unregulated sources such as the internet.’

You would also need to consume an excessive amount in order for it to have an extreme effect on you. 

So there’s no need to panic if you enjoy the odd green tea take-out, guys. 

But this story is still really sad. We’re glad she’s okay now.