Helen Skelton’s Dad Responds To *That* Olympic Dress Scandal

Helen Skelton caught viewers' attention with her choice of summer dress in Rio, but her dad says the criticism hasn't got her down

It’s pretty hot in Rio this time of year. Logic would dictate that a summer dress would be a sensible choice of attire, so that’s what Helen Skelton chose when she presented the swimming coverage. Bear in mind that she was surrounded by people in Speedos, but viewers still managed to be shocked at the sight of her thighs. Yawn.

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Anyway, it seems that she’s not in the least bit bothered, which, of course, she shouldn’t be. Her dad Richard Skelton appeared on This Morning, and backed her up in the best way.

“Where is the story in a young woman in a hot place wearing a skirt?” he told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. “I thought we’d moved on from this sort of thing but obviously we haven’t. She is out there presenting doing the best job she can.

“She has worked very hard. She is following in the footsteps of some great presenters and is more concerned about the Olympians. She’s not really bothered about this.”

Hooray for Richard! His views echo what many viewers said in her defence. Many pointed out that nobody criticised the length of Mark Foster’s shorts, despite him showing an equal amount of leg.

A MUCH more interesting story than Helen’s clothes is the wtf-is-going-on-with-Rebecca Adlington-and-Mark-Foster situation. Ever since the camera caught Rebecca appearing to feel Mark’s thigh, the pair have played up to rumours, flirting on air and even having a tiff.

Rocking @ted_baker tonight with @markfosterswim #olympics2016

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Helen’s also posting her daily outfits on Instagram, showing that she really isn’t bothered what people might have to say about them on Twitter. She looks amazing, and we’re glad to hear a few silly comments from people unable to handle the sight of a leg have washed over her. Now, if you could tell us where you got all those cute summer dresses, Helen, that would be great.

Day 4 ☺️of the swim finals outfit again before make up ✨ #ootd #olympics2016

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