Helen Flanagan Responds To Criticism Of Her Coronation Street Acting

The 26-year-old will NOT let the haters stop her...

Helen Flanagan has hit back after her Coronation Street return was mocked on Twitter.

The 26-year-old made her big comeback earlier this week, five years after her character Rosie Webster headed to London to start a reality TV career.

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Of course, the majority of Corrie fans are thrilled to have Helen on our screens again.

Tweets include: ‘I am so happy to see the amazing @helenflanagan1 back on the cobbles 🎬😇😜☺️❤️❤️,’ and: ‘So glad to see beautiful Helen back in Coronation Street. Rosie’s character is great fun too 😀.’

But unfortunately, not everyone had such positive things to say about her acting skills.

Helen Flanagan on Coronation Street

One wrote: ‘Helen Flanagan’s acting is even worse than before (which is saying something) what on earth possessed them to bring her back ??? 😱😱#Corrie,’ while another said: ‘#Corrie I notice Helen Flanagan’s acting hasn’t improved any!!! [sic].’

A little harsh, no? We thought it was great to see Helen play Rosie again – and how hawt is she looking?!

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Helen Flanagan

Luckily, Helen isn’t taking the criticism to heart.

After revealing that she’s set to extend her three-month stint on the cobbles, she shared a meaningful quote on Instagram yesterday.

This said: ‘No matter how rich, cool, educated, or talented you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.’

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And her on-screen sister Brooke Vincent appears to be supporting her, sharing a meme on Twitter reading: ‘Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.’

You tell ’em, ladies.

It was announced yesterday that Helen would be saying on in Corrie, with series producer Kate Oates saying: ‘We are thrilled to have Helen back and delighted that she is now going to become a more permanent fixture in Weatherfield.

‘Rosie is a classic Coronation Street comedy character and we are looking forward to seeing more of her antics in the future.’

Helen added: ‘I am having so much fun being back here playing Rosie again. The writing is hilarious and I am delighted to be staying around.

‘I can’t wait to see what Rosie is going to get up to.’

Neither can we, Hel!