The Heidi Montag Moment You Might Have Missed On Celebrity Big Brother

The internet couldn't help but notice that she got a little protective over her famous husband during last night's show...

Well, it’s safe to say that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are up to their old tricks again.

Last night we were treated to the second helping of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother. Picking up where it was left off during the live opening show, Stacy Francis had been ‘edited out’ as part of a task, and was isolated in the garden with nothing but a beige hoodie and a faux fur blanket for company.

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spencer heidi prank cbb

Natch, resident prankster Spencer couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a little light torment, heading straight into the garden to tell Stacy that she had to sit on the chair (not wrap herself up on the outdoor sofa for extra warmth).

The former Hills star also told the American X Factor contestant that nobody in the house could communicate with her, with the exception of the producers. Err, we don’t think that was part of the rules, guys.

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spencer heidi editing suite

But one hilarious moment came from Spencer and Heidi while they were still in Big Brother‘s editing suite.

Channel 5 showed the New Stars’ entrances again, but from the perspective of the celebrities that were watching from the editing suite.

When Bianca Gascoigne made her debut onto the Big Brother stage, Spence seemed pretty keen on her housemate credentials, telling the rest that she definitely wouldn’t be edited out. He also commented on her dress, and the internet couldn’t help but point out Heidi’s reaction…


What’s more, she didn’t seem too impressed when her hubby was chatting away to Nicola McLean, either.

Oh, Speidi.