This Controversial Big Brother Contestant Has Applied For Love Island

And no one knows how to feel about it…

Love Island has left our screens and last year’s winners Kem and Amber have split – basically, we’re at a bit of a loose end, and need something to look forward to.

Luckily for all of us, there’s a new season of Love Island in the works, with applications now being accepted for the 2018 show, set to air in June.

While TV insiders warned of an intense selection process, following last year’s unprecedented success (2.9 million viewers!), there seems to be more entries than ever for the 2018 show.

‘Bosses are already working hard to ensure the next series lives up to expectations,’ a TV insider explained to The Sun. ‘They will do their best to sign up ideal islanders from the thousands of wannabes.’

One person however definitely thinks he has what it takes, with controversial Big Brother contestant Heavy D revealing that he had applied for the ITV2 reality show.

The 44-year-old reality star (who’s real name is Colin Newell BTW) is best known for his appearances in Storage Hunters and Big Brother, but he seems to think that Love Island is his true calling.

‘Just submitted my application for @LoveIsland you need me on your show!’ he posted to his followers. ‘Over to you @ITV…’

Sharing his application video with his fans, Heavy D uploaded a clip of him selling himself to the show, and no one knows what to think.

‘Hey, it’s Heavy D. I think you need me on Love Island because basically, let’s face it. You need a bit of character, a bit of personality and someone who’s gonna come in there and stir things up,’ the reality star opened his application video. ‘Also I’m a ladies man, I love the ladies, love chatting up the ladies, love getting involved and love getting stuck in. And also I would break the myth of all these eye candy and stuff like that, have you got a bit of that [tummy] and I think it’ll send a message to young people out there and everyone that watches it, you don’t have to be perfect.’

He continued: ‘Your personality is enough. I think I’m the best person to come in because I’ll break the myth. You need someone like me. Personality, body, I got both – get me in, you know what to do.’

If you want to join Heavy D on the island, you only have till April 30th to apply.

Whatever happens, we’ll definitely be tuning in.