Heathrow Now Has Its Own Christmas Advert And It’s Annoyingly Emotional

The Christmas Advert has evolved from just some special branding from well-known companies to a twisted, emotionally-manipulating film festival. John Lewis have been champions for years running but now Heathrow airport, of all places, have stepped up to the plate.

Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s have tried to dethrone Lewis in the past but their attempts, while noble, were exacted in vain.

However, with the reception for Bounce the Dog being middling, Heathrow’s ‘Coming Home For Christmas’ could be in with a chance of being the UK’s favourite.

Check it out below.

Unlike other Christmas adverts, this one builds the emotion slowly. I personally feel anything until the very end of the ad, and then the feels washed over me. Not so much a tearjerker as it is a heart-warmer.

We’re big fans that these Christmas adverts that are trying to inspire a little hope in the nation after what has been a disaster of a year.

Set to ‘I’m Going Back’ by Chas and Dave, the two teddy bears navigate Heathrow airport before meeting their family at the arrivals gate.

“Coming home: the greatest gift of all”.

And while people are falling head over heels for Mr and Mrs Bear, there’s still a bit of cynicism surrounding this ad.

As the Independent report, “Heathrow is currently looking to win over hearts and minds as it battles opposition to a third runway”. The #woke members of the UK are letting their tears blind them from the truth!

The rest of the internet, who are just excited for Christmas, are reflecting on the airport arrivals gate around this time of year.

Lots of mentions of that classic opening and closing sequence from Love Actually.

Heathrow’s Commercial Director Jonathan Coen said: “Christmas is my favourite time of year at Heathrow – the airport is abuzz with families and friends reuniting for this special time of year.”

Most of them aren’t teddy bears, however.