Healthy Life Hacks To Tone You Up Without Leaving Your House

If you fancy yourself as a toned, honed goddess of a woman but haven’t got the time to spend 25 hours a day chained to the gym or avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy and just calories in general, then we’ve lined up the top 10 easy-peasy healthy life hacks that’ll leave you looking like a Vicky’s Secret Angel and feeling happy as a clam in no time! (P.S It’s a doddle…)

Sniff An Orange:
A Brazilian study has shown that the sweet smell of an orange can reduce stress, so next time you fancy picking up a citrus snack, give it a good sniff!


Chill On The Tube:
Commutes can be a pain, but you can take yourself from “arghhh” to “ommm” by plugging into some calming meditation apps, focusing on breathing or downloading a relaxing album. That’s better…

Ice ice, baby Ice ice, baby

Pimp Your Ice Cubes:
That’s right, add fruit like berries to your ice cubes for a refreshing (and delicious) way to up your daily dose of vitamins before throwing them in your beverage of choice. Mojito anyone?

Get Chewing:
Getting your chew on can improve concentration according to the British Journal of Psychology. The reason for this is still not clear but scientists hypothesize that it could improve the delivery of oxygen to the brain and also reduce stress and enhance moods, so load up on your Hubba Bubba!

Grab a marker men and get guzzling Grab a marker men and get guzzling

Forward Plan Your Cravings:
If you know you’re going to be vying for something sweet the second you get through the door, bag up fruit combos and freeze them ahead of time, that way you’ll be sipping on sweet, sweet smoothies in seconds. Jamie Oliver is a big fan of doing this (and if it’s good enough for Jamie…)


DIY Your Water Bottle:
Take a litre bottle and a marker pen and mark hourly intervals every 200ml to get you to the afternoon, then refill and repeat. That way you can keep on top of your water intake and down the 2 litres you need, no problem.

Drying your hair might just be the trick to toning those biceps. Apparently Drying your hair might just be the trick to toning those biceps. Apparently

Cheat A Sweet Treat:
Want a sweet treat without loading up on calories? Swap ice cream for tubes of frozen yoghurt (try frubes) to curb those sugar cravings in around 44 calories. Wooo!


Multi-task Like A Diva!:
You know those still-boxed wrist weights lying around from two Christmases ago? Well now’s the time to don them, hairdryer in tow so you can work those muscles while you prettify your hair. Two birds and all that…

Who knew spending hours in front of the computer could be good for you Who knew spending hours in front of the computer could be good for you

Replace Your Plate:
Want to eat less? Try a smaller plate like a side plate. That way you’ll be less likely to load up on more food than you need. Simples.


Great news! Scientist’s discovered that laughing reduces blood pressure by decreasing the level of stress hormones produced, so do what makes you giggle!
You need never feel guilty about watching your favourite “Animals Doing The Funniest Things” video on YouTube again. Now that, we like.


By Elle Turner