Healthy Detox: 7 Snacks That Will Cleanse Your Body

Give your body a boost with these healthy detox superfoods…

These healthy detox foods are about to become your new best friends. Incorporate them into your diet to get back on track whenever you’ve gone a little overboard on the food and drink (that’s every weekend for us!)


Say good morning to grapefruit. The fruity beauty lower cholesterol and boosts the metabolism as it helps the liver to burn fat.

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It’s not just Instagram that loves the good ol’ avo your body does too. With a bunch of antioxidants, this superfood boosts the metabolism and lowers your BMI while making meals tastier. Win win.

Up you avo intake

Green Tea

It really does work.  High in antioxidants it kills all the nasties in your body and stamps out any sugar cravings.

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Dark Chocolate

This is the fun one. Satisfy any sweet cravings with dark chocolate instead of milk, which is full of antioxidants, has been named a sirt food (meaning it helps your body burn fat) and the richer it is, the less you’ll need to have. One or two squares should satisfy.

Chocolate IS good for you…

Kale Crisps

Ditch the crisps and instead chuck some salted kale leaves in the oven for 10 minutes until crispy and you’ve got yourself a healthy alternative to the potato kind. With tons of vitamin C and low in calories, you can’t ever eat too much kale, which is why Hollywood loves it so much.

Birch water

Forget the coconut water, because the new health drink on the block is birch water. Sap from the birch tree is collected to create an almost calorie-free drink that flushes out toxins and apparently helps get rid of cellulite.

Move aside coconut water

Veggie “pasta”

Stay away from the carb-heavy pasta and instead turn vegetables like courgettes, squash and beetroot into “spaghetti” using a spiralizer (thanks Santa!) or a vegetable peeler. Add your favourite pasta sauce and a bit of cheese and hey presto, you’ve got oodles of healthy pasta. Who said detoxing was hard?

By Jessica Cooper