Um. Have Zayn And Gigi Hadid *Actually* Split Up?

Looks like Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are being plagued by some awfully sad rumours.

Yup, word in some corners of the world wide web is that this gorgeous pair – who have been our relationship goals for a while now – actually split up TWO WEEKS AGO.




Life & Style have decided that Zayn and Gigi’s love has died (along with our own belief in romance, we’d like to add). They claim that the pair reportedly broke up a fortnight ago…

A source allegedly told the publication, ‘Zayn broke the news to Gigi two weeks after her birthday. He sat her down at dinner and told her how he felt.’

Um. No. Wait a minute. They can’t have done…



Cast your minds back to the Met Gala red carpet, when Zayn (bionic arm and all) was showing his lady some serious PDA. And she was throwing it right back at him. Because, puppy love.

This all happened on the 2nd May. Which was weeks AFTER her birthday bash (and alleged entry into Splitsville).

So, yep, still going strong as far as we’re concerned.


Instagram seems to be very confused by the rumours, with both Zayn and Gigi’s comment boxes bursting with questions, such as ‘You guys need to explain us what is happening between you two!!’ and ‘ZIGI ARE YOU BROKE??’ [sic].

But Gigi Hadid shared a pretty loved-up picture of her beau just a few days ago…

We just don’t believe these ‘sources’.

Zigi 4EVA.