Have Made In Chelsea’s Spencer And Lucy Separated?

Hmmm, is there trouble in camp for Made In Chelsea lovebirds Lucy Watson and Spencer Matthews?

As series five of the hit E4 show drew to a close this week Spencer was seen admitting to his ex, Louise Thompson, that he “would always love” her.

And when LOOK caught up with Lucy at the Hummingbird premiere in London on Monday she conceded that she and Spencer are going their separate ways – on two different holidays.

“He’s in Australia in the minute and I’m going to Turkey tomorrow, so we’re kind of doing our own thing at the minute,” admitted Lucy.

OK so it seems they’re still together, and this could be down to the fact that unlike many who have judged Spencer because of his girlfriend juggling tendencies, Lucy can look past the way he’s behaved. “It’s tricky – I don’t want to judge someone because of their past,” says Lucy. “Everyone deserves a second chance. It’s hard when his friends are so negative, because you want everyone to be so supportive of it. He’s a nice person. In our relationship, I completely trust him.”

Made In Chelsea ended with a bang this week with Lucy having the final word in her feud with Louise, branding her a ‘s***’ for betraying boyfriend Andy Jordan.

In typical dramality show style it all left us all feeling a bit awkward. So how is Lucy feeling about the whole shebang and letting her true colours shine (again)?

“I can only speak for myself but I think I’ve been the most real out of everyone this series,” says Lucy. “I don’t hold back on anything – my friendships, my relationship, everything is completely real.”

Lucy told us that one of the highlights of the show was starting her romance with Spencer. “That was really exciting for me,” she explained. “Another highlight of the series was probably throwing the girls out the pub, that was fun!”

As for the worst points, that’s for the tears to tell. “The lowest point was when the girls made me cry at the beginning of the series,” she says. “I don’t cry easily, it was really mean and I felt really ganged up on.”

Can’t be worse than anything Spennie’s had to deal with, Lucy…


By Gemma Calvert and Hannah Wilson

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