Kate Winslet weighs in on Miley Cyrus in a new interview

This A-Lister Has Some Words Of Advice For Miley Cyrus…

Miley Cyrus is getting a huge virtual mum hug from none other than Kate Winslet. The A-lister, who became mum to her third child, baby Bear, last month, is the latest star to weigh in on Miley and her antics. And it sounds like she’s a little concerned about the fame-hungry performer.

Talking to Psychologies magazine this month, Kate says: ‘You hear horror stories where you think: ‘God, who’s looking after these people and why does it seem like they’re losing their way?’ 

‘I mean, you think about someone like Miley Cyrus, and I said to my daughter the other day, “I’m this close to opening my mouth about what’s going on with that girl”. Who is actually saying, “Stop for a second, what do you want, who are you?”‘

The Oscar-winning actress was discussing how she’d managed to remain ‘sane’ while growing up in the public eye herself, adding: ‘I’ve just been very lucky that I’ve always been quite comfortable with who I am. Sometimes people ask, “What do you wish for your children?’ and all I say is, “I want them to be happy being them”.’

Talking about how social media had changed how they behave, the 38-year-old added: ‘It’s really rough now. I think, for young actors, actresses and pop stars, it’s a nightmare. They can’t do anything. I’m so not going near that whole world – I don’t need it. I do feel incredibly lucky.’

Wise words, indeed Kate.

Miley performed in New York on New Year’s Eve wearing a gold sequinned crop top and trousers with a huge white fur coat and told her audience: ‘This is the most clothes I’ve been in, in 2013.’


By Rebecca Martin

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