Harry Styles Makes His Most Adorable Confession Yet

Harry Styles has enough experience with the ladies to make Casanova himself a little bit jels – but don’t let that fool you into thinking he still finds chatting up drop-dead gorgeous females a breeze.

In what might just be the cutest thing we’ve EVER heard come out of the One Direction pin-up’s mouth, 19-year-old Harry spills on what makes him really, really nervous. Talking to girls. Aw!

In brand new footage from the band’s This Is Us movie, Harry and bandmate Liam Payne are seen having a little heart to heart during a bromantic fishing trip.

And while Styles’ self-assured BFF admits to having ‘a bit more confidence’ since 1D world domination commenced, both boys reckon people think they’re alot more cocky than they really are.

‘Because they look at you on a stage, people forget that we still do the stuff that 19 year old boys do,’ Harry says. ‘I still get so nervous talking to girls.’ Sorry, WHAT?!

The curly-haired lady-lover then goes on to reveal his best pulling tactic. ‘I throw things at them’, he reveals before lobbing his shoe at Liam.

It’s not the most traditional form of wooing we’ve ever seen, but because it’s you Hazza, we’ll take it.

By Robyn Munson

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