This Harry Styles Conspiracy Theory Has Blown Up The Internet

Fans are suspicious of the One Direction singer's upcoming solo single release...

Unless you’ve found yourself inconveniently living under a rock, you’re bound to have noticed that Harry Styles is releasing his debut solo single THIS. WEEK.

Please remain as calm as possible.

The promo for Hazza’s first record aired during a break in The Voice in March, and it’s since been revealed that the track will be dropping on Friday.

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Sharing a picture of the cover art on his Instagram page, Harry simply wrote: ‘SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES // 7.APRIL.17 //.’


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But while most folk are simply losing their ‘ish over the news, others have found themselves slightly perplexed by the 23-year-old’s choice of art. In fact, some have taken to social media to share their conspiracies.

In the imagery, Harry is immersed in a red sea with his back towards the camera. In front of him appears to be a pair of hands and feet, which many think belong to a ‘dead body’.

Eep. Hazza, what’s this all about…?

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One fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Why do you have a dead body in the picture?!’

Another said: ‘Apparently there is some like hidden dead body on this album cover but whateves you do you Haz [sic].’

But one eagle-eyed Directioner reckons they’ve solved the mystery. Their Tweet – which has caught a fair bit of attention – suggests the body actually belongs to Harry himself.

They suggest: ‘[The cover] depicts Harry with his back turned towards the viewer not showing his face. I take this as being a sign of new beginnings – a new version of Harry.

‘He is looking down watching another body floating facedown in the water drowning, lifeless. This body is also Harry… So is Harry looking down at his old self and saying “goodbye, it’s time to show the world who I really am”.’

Mind = blown.

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Alice Perry