Why One Direction Fans Are Upset With The Dunkirk Trailer

It looks as though Harry Styles' character may meet a sticky end...

The moment we’ve been waiting months for has finally arrived… the full trailer of Harry Styles’ debut film Dunkirk has been released.

Yep. Yesterday, fans were treated to a two-minute long clip of the 2017 flick, which also stars Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh.

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Dunkirk poster

We got to see a few glimpses of One Direction’s Harry, 22, in action, with shots of him looking around the beach in terror before becoming trapped under water.

All in all, it looks like a gritty and devastating blockbuster. Which it should be, considering it’s telling the true story of the evacuation of allied soldiers in WWII.

1D fans are definitely looking forward to seeing Hazza in his first acting role, with Tweets including: ‘So excited & proud! #Dunkirk 🍿 ,’ and: ‘Hope you know how proud we are of you @Harry_Styles, you deserve everything. gonna be first in line to see dunkirk. yayyyy [sic].’

Harry’s family have also been getting involved, with his older sister Gemma Tweeting: ‘Super proud of @Harry_Styles but good lord that drowning shot made me die inside you get a lifeguard for christmas.’

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But some have a few issues with Harry’s appearance in the trailer. Yep, it’s that drowning scene.

It seems Directioners are going to find seeing Harry in danger pretty upsetting, with one Tweeting: ‘I feel like crying when he was drowning :(.’

Others wrote: ‘That Dunkirk got me dying like literally I couldn’t even breathe when harry was drowning,’ and: ‘I’M NOT GONNA HANDLE SEEING HARRY DROWNING WHAT.’

But we reckon that just shows his acting skills are on point. Bring on 2017…