Harry Styles Lives Through Death Threat Like A Boss

One Direction fans woke up to good news this morning – Harry Styles is alive and well. 

Defying a prophecy-like phenomenon, the young singer survived the death threat made against him – much to the happiness of all of us. Phew!

One Direction fans certainly know how to support their idols. And they rallied around him, with the hashtag #BeCarefulHarry trending all day yesterday. 

And it’s been an eventful week for Directioners, with the Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards break-up drama, and the confirmation of Louis Tomlinson’s baby news.

One month ago an unknown Twitter troll spread some very nasty threats, aimed at the youngest member of the world’s most famous boyband

The user, who has since been banned from social networking sites, said that the threat would be against Harry on 5th August during their performance at the METLife Stadium. 

One glance at a calendar will explain why Twitter was going a little mental, with #HarryBeCareful trending worldwide. 

We all know that trolls can say some pretty horrid things. And we didn’t believe that there was anything at all to worry about. 

But Twitter was a pretty emotional place, with fans rallying around Harry… 

1. Some simply just don’t know what is going on… 




2. Others want to be a bit more positive about the situation. 



3. Many are fed up with the drama. 




4. And really, Harry wouldn’t hurt a fly. 



5. Others want to cast some magic spells to save him. And his bulge, apparently. 



6. Some are taking a more hands-on approach… 


7. They’re desperate to save him… 


And his man buns. 

8. And some are channeling Disney. And that moment of true love. 


We’re sure he’ll be absolutely fine, guys. 

By Laura Jane Turner