Harry Potter Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Whether you want to be sorted into Gryffindor or you’re destined to reside in Hufflepuff, our quick round of questions will soon tell you which Harry Potter character is your kindred spirit… 


1. What are you most likely to have been awarded at school? 


A: Prefect

B: D- 

C: Detention

D: Class protector 

E: Class clown 


2. What is your favourite food?


A: Bangers and mash

B: Pick ‘n’ mix

C: Black pudding

D: Roast dinner

E:  Beans on toast. Followed by rhubarb crumble and custard. 


3. Which class would you most like to take if you were a student at Hogworts? 


A: All of them – I just want to prove I’m a good wizard/witch 

B: Quidditch. Wait, does that count as a class?

C: Potions

D: Defense Against The Dark Arts

E: Transfiguration 


4. Did you have a date for prom?


A: Yes. And I was all giddy about it. 

B: Sort of. It didn’t go well. 

C: ‘Course. I’m not a loner. 

D: Yes. But it wasn’t with the person I really wanted to go with… 

E: Yes! And we danced and danced. 


5. How would your friends best describe you? 


A: The moral compass

B: The comedian

C: I don’t know. But they’d best not say anything negative about me. 

D: The one that will always help them 

E: The one that will stick up for them


6. What’s your favourite pastime?


A: Sudoku

B: Going to a football game 

C: Watch a good horror movie

D: Playing chess

E: Gardening


7. Which Netflix programme would you rather watch? 


A: Blackfish 

B: Inspector Gadget

C: American Horror Story

D: Daredevil 

E: Life 


8. Which song sums you up the best? 


A: Independent Woman, Destiny’s Child

B: Shut Up And Drive, Rihanna

C: Welcome To The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance

D: Bad Blood, Taylor Swift

E: I’ll Be There For You, The Rembrandts



Mostly A: Hermione Granger 

Mostly B: Ron Weasley 

Mostly C: Draco Malfoy 

Mostly D: Harry Potter

Mostly E: Neville Longbottom