Who’s The Guy In All Of Kylie Jenner’s Snapchats?

If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner, then you’ll probably have noticed a guy called Harry Hudson making regular appearances on her Snapchat.

And when we say regular, we mean ALL THE TIME. Because these two are honestly like peas in a pod – in fact, we reckon she spends more time with him than her own boyfriend, Tyga.

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harry hudson kylie jenner Harry is a 22-year-old hip-hop musician living in LA


So, who is Harry? Well, he’s the baseball-cap loving funnyman who just happens to boast a seriously handsome (and chiselled face) and has an extreme fondness for tattoos, man jewellery and Vans trainers.

But we can see that just by looking at him.

harry hudson kylie jenner Kylie loves dressing up with her pal Harry, especially for Snapchat…


Apart from that, the story behind his and Kylie’s friendship is actually pretty touching.

Basically, 22-year-old Harry is an LA-based hip-hop musician who first met Kylie and sister Kendall at various house parties in their hometown of Calabasas.

harry hudson kylie jenner Kylie and Harry met at house parties in Calabasas years ago


Shortly after, when he was 20, Hudson was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer, and was given months to live. 

But while the disease scared many of his friends away, it was the Jenner sisters who ended up by his bedside, day after day.

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harry hudson kylie jenner Kylie and Kendall visited Harry in hospital after he was diagnosed with cancer…


‘These two are a blessing,’ Harry told Vice. ‘They dropped so many things just to be there and be a positive thing in my life.’

Once he left hospital, the bond grew even tighter, and Harry and Kylie particular grew extremely close. So close, in fact, that nurses at the hospital reportedly thought they were dating! Aw.

harry hudson kylie jenner Harry, Kylie and Jordyn are like three peas in a pod!



Speaking of his famous BFF, Harry explains that if anyone knows the real her, it’s him. ‘I consider [her] real’, he said. ‘Being real will attract real around you. Everyone is fake till you keep it real.’

harry hudson kylie jenner Harry often shares cute shots of him and Kylie on Instagram


After seven months of chemotherapy, Harry was declared cancer-free. And these days, you’ll find him hanging at Kylie’s mega mansion with their other BFF Jordyn, as well as dressing up in wigs and getting his nails painted by the girls.

Oh, and he even gave Kylie a make-up tutorial in a recent video on her website. Boy’s got skills!

harry hudson kylie jenner Harry’s even giving make-up tutorials on Kylie’s website these days…


So now you know who that handsome fella is in Kylie’s selfies is. And we have a feeling this is one friendship for life.

 Aww. BFFs for life