Happy? Sad? Hungover? Four Easter TV Shows To Boost Your Mood

Guys, guys, guys. We know it’s the bank holiday. We know that your mates are in the pub. And we know that you’re supposed to be there with them. But wouldn’t you rather swap your pencil skirt for pyjamas and get back into bed? Us too. And thankfully there are four amazing new TV shows on hand to justify you doing just that, whatever mood you’re in.

For the happy…

The Royals

Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace? So does America, apparently. Which is why they’ve created an entirely fictional interpretation of the Royal Family, starring none other than Liz Hurley as the Queen (obvs), featuring a wayward redheaded prince (no idea who that’s based on) and a beautiful brunette princess (yep, no idea about her either). Grab your Burger King crowns and get viewing. E! Out Now.

> Robot suits are the new big thing in New York fashion, don’tchaknow

For the sad…

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Need cheering up? 50p says that Kimmy Schmidt can do that for you in three minutes flat. Following the life of a woman who escapes from an doomsday cult after 15 years and has to integrate into New York as an adult, this is the funniest show we’ve seen since Modern Family. Plus, it stars Bridesmaids‘ Ellie Kemper and is written / directed by Tina Fey. Which is testament enough, right? Netflix, Out Now

> Reckon Louis Theroux knows his name sounds like a Moulin Rouge character?


For the curious…

Louis Theroux: Transgender kids

Our cleverest crush is back on TV, with a whole new documentary, investigating what it’s like for families who have kids with gender dysphoria. Meeting children who have shown signs of rejecting their assigned gender from as young as three, Louis and his super square spectacles are in San Francisco to negotiate the tricky situation parents and siblings can find themselves in. Prepare for all the feels. Sunday 5 April, BBC Two, 9pm

> Hands up who wants to challenge the Mabe family to lip sync for their lives?


For the hungover…

Branson Famous

Imagine a musical reality TV show. Then stop imagining and watch the Mabe family. They run a long-standing variety show in Nashville (shout out to Taylor Swift), which they’re trying to save from going bust. Naturally they deal with this by bursting into song, straight to camera, at every opportunity. Think Glee crossed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this is cheesy and amazing. Thursday 9 April, TruTv, 9pm

By Corinne Redfern