Happy Birthday Twitter! We Remember Our First Tweets

It’s Twitter‘s seventh anniversary today and in between eating birthday cake (any excuse, right?) the LOOK office got chatting about what we were tweeting about when we first joined.

Thanks to Twitter‘s new archive feature we don’t have to guess what we were tweeting, we can actually see EVERY SINGLE TWEET EVER! So that’s what we did, and boy are we embarrassed… LOOK‘s very first tweet was: ‘Hello, the Look team are now tweeting! Keep up to date with the latest news and office gossip by following us on Twitter.’

“Past Lucy is confused and scared by this new thing called ‘Twitter’. My first tweet reads: ‘I don’t know what just happened.’ My second is no better: ‘What happens when I do this?’ My third is: ‘I feel like my mother right now. The way she goes, ‘What is a link, why should I click on it?’ and then, ‘Can I do it through my landline?” But I’m still glad I’m the only one who can see my archive – if only so future employers don’t judge me on this week two, late-night observation: ‘Squirrels are sketch as f*ck.’.” Lucy Vine, Deputy News Editor, @lecv.

“My actual very first tweet, on the 10th of May 2008, was ‘Having a look at Twitter’. But I suppose that’s a pretty common first tweet. My second tweet, the following day, was ‘I just made some Thai-style chicken soup. It was nice. Thanks Delia.’ Then I didn’t tweet again for another eight months. Stuart Jones, Art Director, @jonesthemac.

“Three years ago I joined Twitter JUST to legally stalk Philip Schofield (and he followed me back which I believe to be the only thing I spoke about for 37 days) and wrote the DULLEST things for a good few months. Now I’m settled in and tweeting whatever I can’t get away with saying/writing on Facebook. Not only that, I now tweet for a living with LOOK… so I love it!” Susie Verrill, Online Assistant.

“Food, celebs, winding up mates, food, celebs… Apparently my Twitter and real-life conversations are very similar. In my very first Tweet I thanked my friend Christine for following me. How polite. Things didn’t get much better in October when I discovered the joys of drunk tweeting: ‘You’re like a homing pigeon for planes.’ Eh? But my favourite thing about Twitter to date would be when 15 years of stalking Declan Donnelly finally paid off and I got a reply WITH A KISS ON IT.” Laura Crisp, Acting Chief Sub Editor, @lozzacrisp.

“It was clearly a (pretty dull) New Year’s resolution of mine to join Twitter in January 2009. I started most tweets with ‘is’ (cringe) and spent one whole day talking about the snow. To be honest, nothing much has changed! My fave? ‘Need to stop being so gullible…totally believed IT man when he asked me to go ‘measure the printer’ so he could connect it to my mac.’.” Oh dear. Rebecca Martin, Online News Writer, @bexmartin.

“My Twitter is really poor. I have had it since March 2010, but even Twitter doesn’t want to remember the rubbish I came out with back then. Last year, two years after I first joined I deleted all of my previous nonsense and decided: ‘Sometimes it’s nice to start over… #springclean’. One year and 131 Tweets later and here we are, pretty much where we started.” Maxine Eggenberger, Junior Fashion Assistant, @Maxine1009.

“On 31st July 2008, having joined Twitter months before and ignored it for a while, I tweeted my first tweet. And it pretty much summed up my life at the time: ‘Looking forward to cuzza and wine later in Brick Lane.’ Fast forward to January 2009, and thanks to Philip Schofield, the whole of the UK took an interest in Twitter. On 26th January 2009, I tweeted: ‘Brought Twitter up in a meeting this morning. Don’t think anyone really got why you’d come on here as well as/instead of Facebook.’ They soon learned!” Alison Perry, Multi Channel Editor, @iamalisonperry.

“I recently hit the 1,000 tweets mark and I’m not going to lie, I was pretty damn proud of myself. Unfortunately taking a look back at my first few tweets has well and truly knocked me off my high horse. ‘Wow, I’m finally on Twitter! Still a bit confused but I think I’m getting it’ Ouch! My next few were pestering magazine editors. Sorry about that guys…” Lauren O’Callaghan, Online Assistant, @LaurenHollyOC.

”The Hangover is the best film ever made! Ever!’ I still stand by this tweet, roll on the third film for more laughs and Bradley Cooper loveliness! One of my early tweets was ‘busy busy busy in the Look magazine office today!’ Nothing has changed since 2009!” Lara Lain, Marketing Executive, @LaraLain.

“My first tweet was ‘I’ve finally joined the dark side’ then followed months of tweets about Beyonce, running and pizza…two years on and nothing has changed. I started counting how many times I’ve tweeted #Beyonce and gave up at 67. Highlights include using twitter to get free Bella Italia pizza, free Cadburys chocolate, free Kellogg’s Cornflakes and even a free Durex vibrator (it was for a present!).” Devinder Bains, Features Editor, @devinderbains.

“When I first joined Twitter I really wanted to stand out and make my mark on the latest social media – so naturally I decided to tweet about watching a Robert Patterson documentary. Since then I’ve tweeted rather prolifically about Britney Spears. So it’s no surprise when I actually got to meet her I tweeted non stop about the whole experience and made our picture together my profile pic.” Julia Brooks, Senior News and Features Writer, @juliabrooks87.

“First tweet: ‘Not to offend anyone, but I’m actually wearing matching socks today – ewwww’. Followed by ‘Oh wait no, they’re just similar, PANIC OVER’. How I have any followers is a mystery…” Hannah Gale, Online Assistant, @Hannahfg89.

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