What Happened To Tina Malone On This Morning Is Not Okay

The Shameless star was accused of being too 'racy' and too 'skinny' as she took to the sofa to talk about child obesity...

Once again we’re asking: when will the slut-shaming and body-shaming end?

Yup, sadly the internet shame brigade are at it again. This time, it’s aimed at Tina Malone and her, erm, top.

She took to the This Morning sofa to discuss the topic of child obesity in the UK. But instead of focusing on what she had to say, viewers took to social media to comment on her appearance.


The Shameless actress had opted for a camisole top – pretty standard attire for summer, we’re sure you’ll agree.

But, apparently, some viewers were ‘put off’ by the sight. Errr.

Others shared the opinion that she was looking ‘too racy’ for a spot on This Morning, branding her outfit ‘inappropriate’.


Others seemed surprised by Tina’s transformation, having been on a weight-loss journey.

Sadly, the word ‘skeleton’ was bandied around quite a bit.

Skinny-shaming is not cool, guys.

Others jumped to her defence, with one comment reading: ‘Can not actually believe they are saying @TinaMalone23 looks like a skeleton wtf she looks like a good size 10-12 no bones poking out her…’ [sic].

Tackling the subject of childhood obesity, and whether or not you should tell a child that they’re overweight, Tina said, ‘How dare a man say to a mother your child is fat!

‘If I saw a parent in the aisle filling their trolley up with junk food it’s none of my business.’

The 53-year-old continued, ‘My biggest problem is trolling. What if my teenager is getting bullied, that’s more important to me.’

We don’t like trolling either, Tina. And we think you’re looking fabulous.