So We’ve All Been Singing Hanson’s MMMBop Wrong

Hanson’s MMMBop brings back fond memories with EVERY listen. 

Now, the handsome trio are marking the 20th anniversary of its release, and we’re feeling totally old whilst also simultaneously blasting it out and singing along in celebration. 

But, apparently, we’ve all been singing that famous chorus wrong. At least, that’s what Hanson say. And they should know, right? 

Speaking to Vulture, the brothers talked about the song that made them famous.

When asked whether or not they had ever heard a good cover of the song, lead singer Taylor replied bluntly, ‘I gotta be honest: no.’

Ouch. We thought we sounded totally awesome in the shower.



Isaac added, ‘People can’t sing the chorus right. Most of the time they syncopate it wrong.’

And if you’re still wondering what that famous chorus actually means, they’ve (tried to) clear that up.

They explained, ‘It does tap into a theme we’ve continued to have, which is to interweave relatively serious thoughts – the verses, you know… It’s not exactly sunshine and rainbows, but it’s packaged in a way that it’s looking for the moral to the story.’

‘I think a lot of people did not [realise it was this darker song]’, Taylor continued.

‘And that makes sense. But hopefully over time, the staying power of that song is about the fact that it’s more than it looks like at first glance. That hook is what gets you in, but what’s below, that is what keeps you there.’

So it’s actually got a pretty deep meaning, then.

We’re off to go and listen to it AGAIN…