Something Awful Happened To Hannah Spearritt After Her Breast Augmentation

The S Club singer opened up about her experience on today's This Morning

S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt opened up about a terrifying health scare on This Morning today.

The 37-year-old revealed how a breast augmentation left her bedridden and suffering from hair loss, fatigue, painful muscles and a fever, as well as a number of other symptoms.

She went on to describe how difficult it was to get diagnosed, telling hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: ‘I was happy with the results but after six months things started to deteriorate. It started with anxiety, at the time I put it down to circumstances but then other things started to happen like depression.

‘The anxiety was crippling, hair loss, fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, there was a list of symptoms that go on and on.’

Hannah Spearritt on This Morning

In 2016, three years after her original operation, Hannah decided to have the implants removed.

She continued: ‘I woke from the op feeling 60% better almost instantly. My temperature rose up to normal and my fever disappeared, as did the fatigue and anxiety. My natural energy just came back.’

After the show, viewers took to Twitter to send Hannah messages of support. One wrote: ‘Hannah, well done today for opening up regarding your journey. It must have horrible not knowing the cause of those symptoms you describe on This Morning. I am glad that after much research you found out what the problem was. Anxiety is also horrible.’

Another said: ‘@hannahspearritt just watched your interview on this morning. so proud of you for coming forward and speaking about what happened to help other women!! I’m so glad things are looking up for you 💞💞.’

However, the interview did also provide another talking point.

Some felt as though Hannah’s accent had changed since her S Club days, with tweets including: ‘What happened to Hannah Spearritt’s voice? Why has she become posh all the sudden?! 😂 #thismorning,’ ‘Has Hannah Spearritt always been so posh? Every other word is yah #ThisMorning,’ and: ‘Any reason Hannah kept saying ‘yahh’ in a really posh voice just then?! #thismorning.’

Hannah is a trained actress, so we imagine her posher tone has something to do with that.

Whatever the case, we’re just glad she’s feeling healthier. It was lovely to have you back on our screens, lady!