The Coolest Halloween Games







Halloween Games… They needn’t just be for kids. Incorporate some of these totally adult-approved, and really cool (not to mention fun) games at your Halloween party to make it the best ever…



Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Post stills from famous scary movies around the house and set your guests a scavenger hunt.  Whoever takes a selfie with all of the stills first, wins.  Alternatively, set the scavenger hunt with landmarks close to your house (the spooky tree at the bottom of the garden, for example).  The winner is whoever makes it back to the house alive!

Chalk Outlines

See how well your guests really know each other with this crime-scene inspired game.  Draw chalk outlines of one another and then take it in turns to match the outline to the guest.  Bonus points to the guest with the best CSI-inspired pose.


Pumpkin Races

You’ve heard of cheese rolling but have you have ever heard of pumpkin rolling?  We thought not.  Make a ramp down the stairs or use a hill outside and challenge your guests to race their pumpkins down it.  The winner?  Whoever comes first with their pumpkin still intact- it’s harder than it sounds!


Pumpkin Carving

Hollow out some pumpkins before the party and challenge your guests to carve the most intricate/ spooky design.  You can find some pictures of spooky designs online for inspiration, or simply ask your guests to use their imagination.  Just make sure they’ve not had too much pumpkin juice first!



Monster Movies

Movie buff?  Show off your knowledge to your friends and challenge their’s too with a horror-movie inspired trivia quiz.  Can they remember the soundtrack to The Shining?  Or do their skills lie in their memory for spooky one-liners?


Shot In The Dark

Watch one of your favourite horror movies and set challenges for the scary parts. Tell your guests that whoever screams will have to do a silly forfeit-  guaranteed to turn any horror movie into a comedy.  

Monster Match Dance Contest

Split your guests into teams and give them fifteen minutes to learn all of the dance moves to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  When the time’s up, stage a dance-off.  The winning team, with the best and most accurate choreography, can then set a forfeit for the losing team.  

Witches’ hat ring toss

Use some black card to make witch hats and some card of a different colour to make frisbee-like rings then challenge your guests to throw the rings over the witches hats.  To spice things up, you can place truth or dare cards under the hats to give your guests an extra surprise!

Apple Pass

There’s nothing fun about apple-bobbing.  Your hair gets wet, your lipstick gets smudged and your mascara runs.  Instead, try apple-passing.  Split your guests into teams and tell them to get into circles.  Then get them to pass an apple around the circle, the twist being that they’re not allowed to use their hands!  Hint: for hygiene reasons it’s probably best to pass it under the chin…


By Morwenna Jones