Boo, Study Finds That Half Of Brits Get Back With Their Exes After Breaking Up

We’ve all been guilty of going back to our exes at some point in our dating lives. Most of the time it’s a huge mistake. Sometimes it, surprisingly, works out for the best but the going advice is to not roll the dice on that possibility. And since dating seems harder than ever, going back to a comfortable relationships is super tempting.

But you’ve got to resist. A study suggesting that breaking up isn’t as permanent as we think, is instilling recently dumped people will false hope and encouraging people who were the dumpers to take back the person they just split from.

It’s bad news regardless of what side you’re on.

As The Independent report, a recent study discovered that 54% of Brits that went through a break-up, from either side, ended up getting back with their ex. That’s the majority of people!

The 54% got back together an average of 2.11 times! That’s so much on and offing, it’s probably not worth breaking up in the first place if this sounds like the kind of relationship you’re in.

What’s even more amazing is 3% of those couples broke up and got back together six times of more! In a year relationship, that’s an average of one break up every two months!

Experts are calling this phenomenon ‘Yo-Yo Dating’ and is an extension of the general refusal to commit to one person. We have more options now than ever and doubt is a common commodity. But so is loneliness and exes, for all their flaws, are guaranteed to be good company.

A couple, typically, will now go through three beak-ups before parting ways for good.

The study, commissioned by, also found that 25% of people won’t even tell their friends that they’ve broke up because they’re uncertain the split will even last.

Seeing as it takes the average person five months to start dating again post-split, it seems like splitting up is more of a commitment than actually staying in a relationship with someone that makes you unhappy.