Seven Mistakes You’re Probably Making In The Gym

Dedicated to working out but see no results? Richard Tidmash, the man responsible for Millie Mackintosh’s killer body, tells us how to make the most of every session…


False Starts

Too many of us spend way too long warming up. “Even a 10-minute warm-up run can make you too tired for effective weight training,” says Rich.

Solution: “Forget about doing cardio to warm up, because it’s just not necessary,” he reveals. “Simple arm and leg stretches or yoga moves will be just as effective,” he reveals. 


Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat

We’re all guilty of hitting the gym on autopilot, but doing the same routine over and over can have major side effects – think bad posture and even potential injuries.

Solution: “Many clients focus on one part of their body too often, like their abs,” says Rich. Instead we should be dedicating different days to different workouts: “Try a session of push routines like bench presses, and the next day do pulling-based such as pull-ups,” advises Richard. “Spend another session doing cardio, for all over toning.”

> “Lift heavy for better results,” says Rich


Not sweating Enough

“Doing a few star jumps until you’re out of breath won’t make you lean,” says Richard. “It’s all about high intensity training where you actually sweat.”

Solution: “For HIIT to work effectively you need to work to your absolute maximum,” he reveals. “Get on the rowing machine for one minute, rest for two. Repeat 10 times and try to cover more distance each time. You’ll definitely see results.”


Lifting Too Light

Apparently, not enough of us are braving heavy weights. “It’s not about picking up some light dumbbells,” says Rich. “If they’re easy to lift they won’t do anything.”

Solution: “Lift heavy, especially when doing squats and weights. But always ask a member of gym staff make sure you’re doing it properly.”


> It’s all about posture according to Rich


Too Many Reps

Sometimes, less be more: “I’ve seen people do 60 reps at a time,” says Richard. “But it’s totally pointless.”

Solution: Up the weights, but lower your reps.“If you’re lifting the correct weights, you should only be able to perform five or six lifts per exercise.” He reveals. “This will see you on the way to a strong, lean body far more quickly.”


Ignoring The Details

 It’s all about form. “Doing a plank for three minutes the wrong way won’t give you a stronger core, just back problems,” says Millie’s trainer.

Solution: Check your reflection in the mirror to make sure you’re doing it correctly and ask an instructor to help you: “It’s all about balance and control and building up your stamina.”


The Wrong Fuel

“Bad nutrition is a waste of a workout,” Rich reveals. “You might think a banana before your workout is a good idea, but it’s not enough to power your gym session.”

Solution: Don’t complicate things things, just get the basics right. ‘Try and eat protein, carbohydrates and fat two hours before training, or the night before, if you’re working out the next morning,” says Richard. ‘Refuel within 30 minutes with something like grilled chicken and brown rice. Never miss breakfast!”


Richard Tidmarsh is the Owner & Lead Trainer of renowned gym ‘Reach Fitness London’. For all the information head to www.r4reach.comand follow @RichTidmarsh