Take A Tour Of Gwyneth’s £5000-A-Night Mexican Villa

If you follow Gwyneth Paltrow on Instagram you can’t have failed to notice that between her  snaps of Goop-approved dinners and celebrity pals, her feed has recently been filled with some rather beautiful shots of a holiday to Mexico.

> Gwyneth and Apple on their Mexican break


Gwyneth spent the week on the Mexican Punta Mita peninsula in a villa rented via Airbnb with her TV producer boyfriend Brad Falchuk (of Glee and Scream Queens fame), and children Apple and Moses. So far pretty normal.

However, this wasn’t any Airbnb rental. This was a six bedroom, seven bathroom villa complete with two infinity pools, a private chef, home cinema and some *incredible* beach views.

Thanks to the powers of the Internet we now have all the details of the £5000-a-night abode the family holidayed in. And to say it’s amazing would be the biggest understatement of the century. Let’s have a look around…

Situated within a private residential community, this luxurious beachside property has access to a stunner of a beach and views of the Pacific ocean throughout. 

> Who wouldn’t want to wake up here?


The villa is full of water features and pools with the aim to create “the illusion that the villa is suspended over the Pacific”. Why have one infinity pool when you could have two, eh?

> We’re not at all jealous…

The house (if we can even call it that) is made up of a number of palm thatched roofs with alfresco dining options aplenty. 

> Beachside dining at its finest

Gwyneth wouldn’t have to of worried about cooking as the villa comes with it’s own private chef specialising in farm-to-table meals (we’re not sure what that involves either). 

> No villa is complete without a heart shaped table…

According to Airbnb the interior scheme is based on “native woods, natural rock, and tropical colors”. Plus, the villa was “conceived by renowned eco-sensitive architects.” Obvs a necessity for Gwyneth. 

> The master suite of dreams

There is plenty to do to pass the time at Gwyneth’s holiday home. There’s the home theatre, board game room and a yoga and fitness room. And if that all gets a bit much there’s always the ginormous bath to wallow in…

> Goop approved bath space

It’s time to get saving…

By Elizabeth Bennett