Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates 41st Birthday Today

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s yoga-tastic, detox-heavy lifestyle is obviously working wonders for the lean and leggy A-lister as she’s celebrating her 41st birthday today – looking good, Gwyn!

Swearing by a super-healthy macrobiotic diet and the odd glass of vino on a Saturday, the mum-of-two has managed to keep herself in pretty much identical shape over the last 20 years and this hot mama’s not afraid to show off her hard work.

Stripping down to her underwear, Gwyneth flaunts her taught and toned body in new comedy flick Thanks For Sharinggiving us all a good glimpse at what a gluten/carb/fun-free diet does for your temple/body.

And after making us all feel especially guilty for that tasty double cheese Dominos we had last night, we salute Mrs Chris Martin for her dedicated diet (even though we could never give up our love affair with dreamy dairy) and ability to look ab-fab in her chic dress collection.

So, pour yourself a glass of bubble/booze-free champagne in the birthday girl’s honour and take a look through Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fashion Evolution

It’ll make you never want to eat pizza again (until X-Factor meatfeast-fest tomorrow, obvs).

By Claire Blackmore

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